What Is The Best Pancake Topping?

Now there are traditional pancakes that are elsewhere called American pancakes and there are thin French pancakes called crepes. For the first syrups are the norm but for the second ones my favourite things to put on pancakes are:

- Nutella!!! Nutella is the all time best thing that you can put on a warm pancake... yoummmy all the way
- fruit jams, but not any kind - only home-made fruit jams with large chunks of fruit inside them that really taste like fruit, this is sooo heavenly
- fruit jams, the ones from above combined with sour cream or fresh curd, mmmmm.... don't get me started on this...
- and finally, a simple one - sugar and lemon.

You can of course put all these on normal american pancakes but the point in putting them on thin ones is to roll them and since they are thinner the topping takes over when it comes to taste. That's it - my favourite pancake recipes and then my favourite topping.


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