American Pancake Recipe

Pancakes have been a part of our lives for many years now. They are tasty and fluffy, and complement any breakfast! There are many different recipes and types of pancakes including buttermilk and fruit flavored. Nowadays, you can buy ready to go pancake batter. But why not try your hand at this easy American pancake recipe?

You will need some basic tools to get started: a mixing bowl, a nice skillet or a flat top, a spatula and a whisk to ensure that your pancake mix is well blended. Make sure you have all the tools and ingredients you need before you start; it makes things a helluva of a lot easier and saves a good amount of time.

To cook pancakes the right way, you need to heat up your skillet or griddle before cooking. It should have a temperature of 375F for at least ten minutes before you can start cooking. To ensure that your pancakes do not stick to it, you should also lightly spray your skillet with flavorless cooking oil. This will make for an even better American pancake recipe.

The ingredients required for this recipe are simple and you probably have all of them to hand. You will need to get together 135g of self-rising flour, 125ml of milk, 1 egg and 1/4 of a teaspoon of salt. Quickly mix them all together with your whisk. It is normal for the batter to be a little lumpy after you mixed it.

If your bowl is inconvenient, you can pour some of your batter into a smaller one or a cup. A small ladle can also be useful. Pour equal amounts of batter on the skillet. Be sure to watch your pancakes, to avoid any burning! When they start to rise, and you can notice bubbles popping at the top, then you are ready for the flip. If you like berries in your pancakes, you need to add a small handful of them before flipping them.

Give them a few minutes to brown on the second side. You can then re-flip them, just to confirm that they are evenly cooked, and a nice golden brown color on both sides. If you are not going to eat right away, be sure to store them in a 200F oven on a paper towel covered baking sheet.

This American pancake recipe will have everyone wanting some more! Enjoy them with your favorite toppings, most popular of course being the maple syrup. You can now sit down and enjoy your breakfast!

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