There are many different pancake recipes

I enjoy pancakes in the morning, in the afternoon, and even in the evening. Pancakes, not just for breakfast anymore. My pancake recipe depends on my mood and the ingredients I have handy. My basic recipe is to mix in my food processor flour, sugar, baking powder, a pinch of salt, Milk and eggs. It is what you put in to the basic mix that makes the difference. Sometime I want blue berry pancakes. I myself process the blue berrys in the batter in the processor.

You can use frozen blue berries. They are usually less expensive and simply let them defrost before adding them to the batter. You can add pumpkin to the batter for some nice autumn pancakes. Use of can of pumpkin. Do not use the can of pumpkin pie mix. The regular canned pumpkin works better.

You can also make sweet potato pancakes. Now these are not potato pancakes. These are sweet potato flavored pancakes. Use canned sweet potato. You can add some of the liquid if you like. But not too much so your batter is not to runny. You will not use the whole can of sweet potatos so make sure you place the rest in an air tight container and refrigerate them.

Strawberry pancakes are a good mid summer morning treat. I process the strawberries in the food processor in the batter because they are too large to have them sticking out of the batter on the griddle.

I cook my pancake batter on the griddle. I brush the surface with a pastry brush dipped in cooking oil. I test the heated griddle by dropping a few drops of batter. When they start to sizzle and cook I know the griddle is ready. I scrape off my test batter and start cooking.

I pour a five to six inch circle of batter. I let them cook until the bubbles that form almost break. If you want your pancakes more cooked wait until all the bubbles have burst. I flip them and cook on the other side for about forty to fifty seconds more. Cook longer if you want them well done.

Cover the plate with a lid and make your second one the same way. I like my syrup warm so I place the bowl of syrup on the stove top while I ham cooking the pancakes. I also drop a chunk of butter in the syrup so the butter is melted by the time I pour the syrup. If you check you grocery store for pancake syrup you will be surprised to see that is nothing but corn syrup with caramel coloring or simply food coloring. You will these ingredients certainly in the store brand or generic brand products.

You want real maple syrup for you pancakes. You can find real maple syrup in some grocery stores or you might have to go to a specialty food store. However you need to find real maple syrup do not make pancakes until you have it. Pouring corn syrup over your pancakes is not fair to you or your pancakes. I hope you enjoy your next stack... I feel like making myself some right now.

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